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What makes Vasari wall plaster the best?

Vasari wall plaster is made from pure natural ingredients. It is easy to apply, repair and maintain.


  • Versatile look and feel
  • Works well with different application techniques
  • Reasonable cost
  • Durable and long lasting

If you are looking for an alternative to ordinary paint, Vasari wall plaster is the premium replacement you could find.

Why should lime based plaster and stucco be your ultimate wall solution?

Vasari lime-based plasters being crack and fade resistant forms a lasting natural wall protection. Not only it is breathable, plaster particles also absorbs carbon dioxide, expel excess humidity and even act as air filter!  

As a natural product, vasari wall plaster is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, zero VOCs and mold resistant.

Vasari wall plaster is also aesthetically versatile. It is well-presentable in various textures, sheen and colors. What’s more! This natural marble-like texture actually improves over time.

Being the ultimate alternative solution to paint, vasari wall plaster is undeniably the most beautiful wall finishes on earth!

What are the series available under collection of Vasari wall plaster?

All of Vasari products are made of lime, powdered marble, crushed limestone, earth based pigments, natural polymers, pozzolans, and a few other magical materials.

Carrera – Thick plaster, mostly consist of large sand particles. It can be applied into different textures, matte, smooth or slightly polished for subtle variation and creates movement through color.

Marmorino Comparatively thinner plaster made of lesser and smaller sand particles. Different level of sheen can be achieved with Marmorino. This includes high gloss polish, medium sheen and matte finishes that brings out various color intensity.

Stucco – Suitable to be applied as exterior finish coat. Stucco is similar to Carrera plaster except it is made for exterior application. It can be worked into textured or smooth finishes.

Veneziano – Does not contain any sand particles and is applied into thin and smooth coats. Veneziano can have a very subtle and matte effect or high gloss dramatic marble-like finishes.

Wet skim – Lime based skim coat used as base for smoother interior wall. It helps to achieve the best possible outcome.

Can Vasari wall plaster be applied on exterior wall?

Yes. Stucco series is made for outdoor application. It is waterproof and weather resistant.

Can I apply Vasari wall plaster in my bathroom?

Yes. Vasari wall plaster is resistant to moisture and can be applied in shower stall and bathroom. Contact us if you require more information about it.

What surfaces are suitable for application of wall plaster?

Generally, wall plaster has good adherent strength that makes it suitable to be applied on almost any wall.

However, there are exception on certain surfaces including walls painted with oil based paint or primer as well as wallpaper surfaces are not suitable to be coated with wall plaster.

Surfaces suitable for wall plaster:

  • Wall with latex or acrylic water-based paint or primer
  • Wetskim
  • Cement and cement (coated with wetskim)
  • Gypsum plaster (coated with wetskim)
  • Primed drywall
  • Primed fiberglass board
  • Cement board (only when seams are gypsum based)
  • Magnesium board (must be prime)

Is Vasari wall plaster DIY-friendly?

Honestly, it is very much depending on application skill of each individual.

Although it may look easy but skills are still required in order to achieve consistent and professional outcome.

If you desire an elegant and sophisticated wall finishes, why not let the professionals do what they do best?

How to apply Vasari wall plaster?

Like any wall plaster, Vasari wall plaster is applied by using special trowels.

It is normally applied with 2 coats, the first layer acts as base while the second layer gives textures and marble-like characteristics.

Is Vasari wall plaster environmentally friendly?

Definitely yes. Vasari wall plaster is made from natural and pollution-free materials.

Unlike paint, Vasari wall plaster does not contain any harmful volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and therefore no emission of toxic gaseous.

On top of that, it absorbs carbon dioxide, releases excess humidity, hypoallergenic and resistant to mold.

Vasari wall plaster is generally odorless. Only on certain exceptional cases where light odor may sometimes present in dark color plaster.

Why do people prefer Vasari exterior stucco more than conventional cement stucco?

Firstly, Vasari exterior stucco is better in quality, available in various choice of colors and acts as natural air filter.

Cement stuccos however are prone to crack issues, less vibrant, limited color, and less applications techniques.  

It is difficult to repair once cracks are found and not resistant to mold, causing the entire exterior wall to look old and dirty over time.

Conventional cement stuccos also do not consist of features like absorption of carbon dioxide and breathable surface.

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